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Welcome To EMS Workforce Center

We Stand Behind Your Success

Building thriving communities by providing inclusive economic, behavioral health, and educational opportunities to men, women, and families.


EMS Workforce feels every human has the right to be treated with respect and dignity despite their social-economic status or the hurdles they have had to overcome in life.


EMS foresees a future where men and women from all different walks of life can successfully enter the workforce and become contributing members of society while providing for themselves and their families. We aim to do this by engaging our consumers in a diversified wrap around holistic approach.


The EMS Workforce Program advocates for and promotes the public workforce system on a local, state, and national level. The advocacy includes building relationships with other agencies and organizations to strengthens the system

Why Choose Us?

knowledgeable staff.

Kind, helpful and knowledgeable staff.

Knowledgeable Staff

Available to help.

Available to help with workforce

services, personal development classes,

GED classes, community resources, reentry and behavioral health services.

Available to help.

EMS is fast & easy.

EMS Workforce center is a fast and easy way to apply online for public assistance programs in partnership with DES services. With the help of EMS, you can find out what assistance you might be eligible for and submit a single application, saving you time and effort.

EMS is fast & easy.
The Need

During the height of the 2020 Pandemic, many people lost employment and their housing as a result, increasing homelessness across the Phoenix metro area by 30% (14,300 people per the PIT count). EMS responded to this need and established services in 2022 to partner with community agencies and provide employment and wrap-around services to reduce homelessness and assist those coming out of incarceration.





Whether you’re a professional looking for a new opportunity, or a business searching for the best talent, we’re here for you.


EMS Staffing Solutions specializes in niche sectors such as healthcare, behavioral health, manufacturing and distribution, and construction, to name a few.  We provide high-quality Employee/Employer fits to fill permanent and contract positions for short- and long-term projects.

Our Services
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