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Our Stream-Lined Training 

While there are numerous types of training, choosing the right training methods for employees is an important decision. After all, it doesn’t matter how much time and resources you invest in training if it’s the wrong format of training and employees don’t engage with it. That is why EMS Staffing Solutions not only offers training opportunities to candidates for pre-position placement, but we also offer workplace training and development strategies for employers.

Doctor's Visit


EMS offers a broad range of training that may be required in the healthcare industry including but not limited to.....

  1. CPR/First Aid

  2. BHT Certification

  3. CPI


Logistics. Inventory. Forklift. Training.

Inventory Checking
Construction Site Supervisor


  • bloodborne pathogens;

  • confined space rescue team;

  • hazardous waste operations and emergency response (HAZWOPER); and

  • occupational noise exposure and respiratory protection.

  • OSHA


  • Common operating systems

  • Software proficiency

  • Technical writing

  • Project management

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